Friday, March 31, 2006

Freedom? Nah, we don't want that...

We want to be sure that we'll have a house, tv, car, and cell phone; never hurt or be hurt; never be hungry; and never die of something unpleasant.

As usual, The Agitator sums up the new American view of Freedom.

Advocates for liberty are increasingly facing a new challenge. Used to be that our main fight was against the ever expanding size and scope of government. But it's fast becoming the case that half the battle is convincing people that freedom is actually a good thing in the first place. People would rather have a massive government that makes all of their decisions for them, ostensibly because they'd rather have someone other than themselves to blame when they make the wrong decisions. Hence, the uncomfortable number of smokers who support smoking bans because they think it'll help them kick the habit.

Is it time for a revolution, yet?

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AeroSarge said...

Honestly no, not quite yet. In order to succeed, a sufficient number of people must deeply believe the same things, and be completely unflinching in those beliefs, willing to win at all costs. Otherwise, it would be doomed to failure, or at minimum be drowned out by sheer numbers of mindless idiots.

With so many lost (and most don't know it), any attempt would be "lost in the noise" of the bellyaching and whining. Conviction is a funny thing, being both what will win and (the lack of it) what could cost the victory. Unfortunately, patience must prevail, at least a while longer. Herding the cats, as it were, will take a bit more time...