Thursday, November 30, 2006

Prayer Request

You know, I don't usually do this, but in the midst of all my lately worrying about
how are we going to get our house in order, save money, pay off debt, pay for Dave to go to chef school, my job for next year and whether we can handle a pay cut for me to be happier in what I do every day, and my job the year after that and whether we're ready to take the risk of a drastic career change, and add to all of this the thought of babies...

I get a long email from a high school classmate and former coworker. Most of it:
... my brother Grant was diagnosed with Cancer this week. He went in Monday because he was having pains in his shoulder and abdomen. This was sudden and very unexpected.

He has tumors on his liver, his chest, and they belive there is cancer in his bones as well. He had a biopsi today and we have the consult with the doctor on Monday to discuss what treatment options we have.

As of right now, the prognosis does not look good. BUT I believe in miracles and right now we need a miracle. So many of you have asked what you can do for him and for me, please pray for him. Pray for guidance of his doctors, pray for God's healing power, pray for his strenght to get through this. Grant is 39. He has two little boys... [H]is wife has been so strong and so wonderful. For those of you how know Grant personally, you know that he is someone that fills a room and makes you feel like a life long friend when you shake his hand for the first time...

One of Grant's sayings that he has up everywhere in his office and at home is ...PMA - Positive Mental Attitude. Please pray for him and share with your own churches and friends this prayer we have.

Genetically, I seem to be lucky, and there has been very little cancer in my family. I've been pretty sheltered from cancer my entire life. But now, as I've become and adult (gasp), I hear about it more and more from those around me. A friend from college was recently diagnosed with stage IV cancer at 31, and a friend's aunt has more than 100 stage III tumors in her abdomen and kidneys. My friends moms have had it, but then, even at it's worst, I'm now ashamed to say that I felt somewhat removed from it.

Not anymore. So please, if you are someone who prays, and maybe even if you're not, please pray for Grant Wells and for his family and doctors.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Oh, Bond

Went to see Bond last night. I have been jazzed about this movie ever since I heard Daniel Craig was the pick. He was so fantastic in Layer Cake.

So, how was it?

Let it suffice to say I wanted to sit in my seat and watch the next show when it was all over.

I owe Dave big time because he was kind enough to put up with the giggle fit my mom and I had after about the sixth shot of Bond's perfect butt. Whoever tailored those pants did a fantastic job. (Turns out she did the new Batman movies, too. She knows how to dress a man.)

Boys, don't let this deter you from seeing the movie. The action sequences are incredible - especially the opening free-running sequence.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Quick Update

OK, the last month has been nuts, but the last two weeks, Dave and I have both been sick and pretty much went straight to the couch then to bed every night after work. And something is up with blogger and my work servers, and I can no longer post from there.
Let's see ...
I passed my class.
Now I'm in class two of six: Insurance and Risk Management. (fun fun)
Still waffling, though, on the final decision.
On Monday I officially worked more in one 24-hour period than ever before (and hopefully ever again). We had a release for one of our largest clients on Monday night, and I was part of the team on this project. They are on the pacific coast. I worked a regular day from 9 to about 5:15, went to the first half of my class, and got back to work right at 8pm for the start of the release. One of the three vendors on this project took from 8-midnight to release their part. Then our part began. We were done in about an hour. Then we tested, fixed and called it a successful release at 5:02am Eastern. Holy shit! If you'd told me even six months ago that I would ever work until 5am (actually at work), I wouldn't have believed you. But it somehow happened. And it's kind of funny, but it really wasn't all that bad. The worst was driving home, then trying to get to sleep before the sun came up. I slept until about 10:30, then got up and got dressed for Halloween (cowgirl - chaps and all - didn't have to buy a thing - pictures later). I also loaded up the fabo "triple threat" chili that Dave made for my company's contest, and headed back to work around noon. I was surprisingly alert all day.
And now it's late on Wednesday night, too, so I better get to sleep.
I'll try not to stay away so long next time.