Monday, July 07, 2008

A Theory

Dave and I were driving down the road a while back (well, Dave was driving; I was riding), when we heard an REO Speedwagon song on the radio. I commented that I love them and would love to see their concert this year. They're touring with Joan Jett, who also opened up for them in 1985 (I think that was the year) at the Omni, which was my first concert. Dave said the combination didn't make sense to him; Joan Jett seemed like an odd, somewhat heavy, opener for soft rock staples REO. I was offended, because I know that REO Speedwagon was a rock band in the 70s and early 80s - before Can't Fight this Feeling.

So, I filled Dave in on my theory. Just about every band will eventually end up on soft rock radio.

You see, about 15 years ago I heard "Like a Virgin" on Peach 94.9. I was a bit surprised then, but over the years I've simply come to expect songs never intended for the softer stations will likely end up there.

Dave respectfully disagreed with me, citing bands like Metallica and other, heavier bands. OK, sure, I'll give you the fact that Tool and Slipknot probably won't end up on an AM Gold compilation anytime soon.

But Dave just looked at me laughed Saturday when he caught the refrains of “Sweet Child O’ Mine”, stopped scanning, looked down, and saw 98.5 on the digital read-out.