Friday, October 26, 2007

Ah, libertarians

I'm so excited about this series on

I found out a few years ago that Drew Carey counts himself among "us", and I thought that was pretty cool. (Oh, and last summer, I also found out that he's a huge soccer fan.) Now, he's hosting a series of videos on The first one is out, and it's about traffic congestion and some possible free-market solutions.

Be sure to read the comments, too. There are plenty of people in there with legitimate concerns, expressing them in a thoughtful manner. It's an interesting conversation.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

can anyone let me into my house?

i'm sitting on my front porch. house keys, car keys, and cell phone locked in car. but i have my work bag with the laptop, and the keychain full of extra keys that will let me into my garage sitting right here with me.

luckily the nice next door neighbor that i haven't met before today was home and let me use her phone to call my mom.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Credit where it's due

This came from Vanity Fair, and I love it. A partial questionnaire that will help you know your Asshole Footprint.

Ages 14-25
2. Do you leave vitriolic comments in the "Comments" sections of blogs and Web site, even if you're commenting on something innocuous, such as an old Linkin Park video?
2a. When leaving such comments, do you use such rote Internet pejoratives as "asshat," "douchebag," and "'tard"?
7. Is your name Skylar, Tyler, Taylor, Cat, Bryce, Morgan, Brandon, Braden, Hayden Jaden, Brianna, or Keegan?

Ages 26-39
1. Do you work in an office with a Foosball or Ping Pong table?
3. Does it take more than three words to describe what you do for a living?
5. Do you refer to ordinary male pastimes and accessories with such terms as "man-caution," "man-date," "man-purse," "man-orexic," and "man-olos"?
6. Before you go out bicycling, do you first change into iridescent spandex shorts and a skintight spandex shirt with a gaudy pattern recalling a 1990s screen saver?
7a. If you do indeed have young children, have you launched a blog, or, worse, a video blog, about raising them?

Ages 40-55
7. When your companion gets up to use the facilities at a restaurant, are you incapable of passing even the smallest blip of solitary time without theatrically scrolling or tapping on your BlackBerry, Treo, or iPhone?

How to reduce your asshole footpring: Some Tips
1. Read a book to a small child, and not in a "Cool! I read that when I was a kid!" way.
3. Refrain from using the construction, "Mmmm, I want me some..."
5. Do not leave any comments in any "Comments" section, on any ocasion, ever.