Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Bringing a knife to a gun fight?

Not a problem if you are a Marine.

Stephens says one of the attackers had a shotgun and another had a pistol.

The suspects eventually caught up with Autry. But Autry — who managed to pull a knife out of his backpack — kicked the shotgun out of one of the attacker's hands. He stabbed a teenage girl who jumped on him and a man who attacked him.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

I'm sure glad I didn't cancel

the comprehensive coverage on our 11 year-old Accord a couple of weeks ago...

Looks normal from here, right?

But take a closer look at the window...


And then, the ignition...

What was in the driver side floorboard? Well, that would be what's left of the external bits of the ignition (now on the bed for photographic purposes).

It sure looks like someone tried to steal our car last night. Here are the keys we found in the front passenger seat. Odd, huh? All class with the Playboy symbol and the "support my habit" (those are little marijuana leaves) key chains.

And, yeah, this happened in our driveway overnight.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

In case you're wondering ...

why I haven't posted. Let's see:

I've just checked my last email from last Thursday, so now I can start on Friday's. There are two loads of laundry on our dining room table - folded, three loads of laundry on a chair in our living room - unfolded, and two loads of laundry in the washing machine and dryer - waiting. The dishwasher is full of clean dishes, with a sink full of dirty ones waiting for space. And there's a ten foot (square) pile of tree limbs and brush in the back yard.

Since April 14, I have been to Charleston, Austin, Boston, Cleveland, Key West, Orlando, and Murphy NC.

I will post pictures from Key West eventually. Maybe this weekend. As soon as I can.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

See ya!

Flying here, driving over this to get here, staying here, all to attend a wedding here.

Talk to you late next week. If we come back.

Monday, May 01, 2006


We’re getting fatter, and according to health alarmists and nannies, that means we’re all unhealthier, will die more often and earlier of cancer, heart disease, and stroke. The obesity “epidemic” is horrible for our collective health in America.


According to a recently released report:
ATLANTA - In what appears to be an amazing success for American medicine, preliminary government figures released Wednesday showed that the annual number of deaths in the U.S. dropped by nearly 50,000 in 2004 — the biggest decline in nearly 70 years.

The 2 percent decrease, reported by the National Center for Health Statistics, came as a shock to many, because the U.S. is aging, growing in population and getting fatter. In fact, some experts said they suspect the numbers may not hold up when a final report is released later this year.

Nevertheless, center officials said the statistics, based on a review of about 90 percent of death records reported in all 50 states in 2004, were consistent across the country and were deemed solid enough to report.

The center said drops in the death rates for heart disease, cancer and stroke accounted for most of the decline.

I know that lower death rates don’t equate to lower incident rates of these diseases, and that fewer deaths probably only mean delayed deaths from these diseases. I’d be interested in seeing how the rates of actual occurrences have changed over the last few years. It’ll also be interesting to see what happens with the final numbers.