Wednesday, August 25, 2010

gasp ... another post

It is my goal to post more on this site than just letters to J. So, in an effort to achieve that, I'm posting a second time in as many days.

I'd like to get the insight of all five of my readers on a question I've had for ages now.

Why are we more willing to accept a singer who decides to act than an actor who decides to sing? See: Will Smith, Justin Timberlake, Jennifer Hudson vs. pretty much any actor that ever tried his or her hand at music. Maybe there is an exception for actors who began on or went to broadway, but I still can't think of one that could be considered a mainstream musical success.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

11 Months

August 24, 2010

Dear J,

Well, you’re already 11 months old. “Already” seems to be the theme here.

I’ve got to get a little more creative with these, instead of just a list of everything you’ve done. Unfortunately, today isn’t that day. I can’t believe all you’ve done in just the three weeks since I last wrote.

Your favorite thing now is to look at pictures – on the wall, on the fridge, wherever – it’s a good thing we have tons of them, I guess. And you’ll plan monkey getting into the arms of whoever is closest to said pictures. Then you point at them while we tell you who it is (and then you try to eat the magnets off the fridge). Speaking of pointing, you point at everything. And you wave, too. In the last week or so, you even started waving in context of saying hello or good-bye, instead of randomly at the dinner table.

We think you’ve decided that you don’t like baby food anymore. After about four bites, you simply spit it out. Thank goodness you do not do this violently; you simply close your lips and then push the food out with your tongue – so you’re like a giant toothpaste tube of green beans. It’s at least a little less messy that way. Oh, and then you smile. Unless you’ve already eaten a lot you don’t, however, do this with finger foods or more textured, grow-up foods. We were not ready for this, and now we have to do a lot more planning when it comes to your meals. You are clearly worth it, but I must apologize in advance if you get sweet potato bites for eight meals in a row (one sweet potato makes a LOT).

And now to the big developments – no, you’re not walking yet, but …
You stand on your own for more than 10 seconds at a time (editor’s note – no, I have not missed the fact that I am indeed one of those parents insanely proud of what, one year ago, would have seemed entirely silly), and you love love love to push your activity table – and shopping cart thingy, and diaper box, and laundry basket – around the house. I don’t know when you’ll crave true independence, but it can’t be long now (another 18 years, at least?).

Forget the sippy cup, though. We never found one that worked really well for you, so we’ve moved onto straws. It’s still mostly bottles (the only way you’ll drink the fill six or eight ounces), but you have totally figured out the straw. When it’s not so important that you get more milk than anything else, the bottles will be gone. Woohoo.

And finally, after a few months, you have learned “gentle”. Thank goodness. For a while there, you couldn’t be out with the rest of the kids at daycare because you just wanted to pull their hair. It was all with love, but that doesn’t change the fact that it hurts. Just ask Mommy, Gigi, Millie, Cecil or Orange. But now, you don’t pull, you go right up to the little girls in class and pet ever so sweetly. The animals haven’t come back around, though, so they can’t appreciate this new development yet. As daddy says, “you’re such a dude.”


Sunday, August 01, 2010

10 months (+)

Already, we’re here again? I thought I asked you to slow it down. Oh, well; I have a feeling this is the shape of things to come.

Well, there’s a whole list of things you’ve done or started over the last month. It seemed at first like there weren’t going to be many changes, and there generally aren’t any big ones. But there are a couple that we just adore.

You’re still crawling – getting faster every day – and pulling yourself up on everything. You’re no longer content, though, to just hang on. Now, especially with the couch and the coffee table, we can officially say you’re cruising. You’ll slide all the way down the couch if the thing you want is at the other end, and you’ll even move from the coffee table to the couch and back, if they are close enough together. You’re also trying to figure out how to stand up one your own, but the way you’re trying isn’t going to work quite yet. You simply stick your butt up in the air with only your hands and feet on the ground. That’s going to be a tough way to start standing, unless you’re some sort of born yogi or kung fu master.

Last weekend, you also stood next to the coffee table without holding on, but you didn’t realize you were doing that because you were busy with a couple of toys in your hands. And you haven't done it again since.

A couple of weeks ago, you got really sick. Well, you didn’t seem to be sick, except you were miserable with a 103.9 degree fever (turns out it was yet another ear infection). You have our permission never to do that again.

Swimming lessons are going very well. You’re becoming so comfortable in the water, and I think if the lessons weren’t during your naptime, it would be even better. You love jumping into the pool from sitting on the edge, and you also hang onto the side very well. You even don’t mind going under water too much, either.

So, now to the two adorable new things you are doing. First of all, you have learned to stick out your bottom lip whenever one of us tells you “no,” or you don’t get what you want immediately. I don’t think it’s working the way you hope, though, because we just think it’s the cutest thing and laugh, instead of giving into your requests.

And finally, the best thing by far – you will kiss us on the nose when we ask. All we have to say is “J, can I have a kiss,” and you’ll open your mouth, and lean in to “kiss” the nose of whoever’s holding you. Rumor has it from the grandparents that the other day, you even puckered up for a real kiss. I must admit that I completely abuse this new talent of yours.

Well, that’s about it this time. Another note’s coming in just a few weeks. I guess I'll be ready.

Love you,