Sunday, June 27, 2010

Nine Months

June 27, 2010

Dear J,

You’re a few days past the end of your ninth month, and, as usual, I can’t believe it. This weekend was rough, though. You got a completely unexplained fever that went pretty high and stayed around at a lower point for a day and a half. You were not happy at all about it, either. Fevers just make you feel so awful, and we were so happy when it finally went away this morning.

This has been a very eventful month, too. You got your first hair cut right at the beginning and already need another one. Your dad is so jealous.

You’ve started clapping, but not on command. You’ll just randomly clap and look at us with the biggest grin. And you still smile all the time, in spite of the fact that your teeth just keep on coming in - which isn't your favorite thing. You’re up to eight now, and since there seemed to be a faucet somewhere in your mouth this weekend, I think a couple more are on their way in.

Swim lessons started a few weeks back. You liked the water the first time we got you in a pool last month, but this time you weren’t so sure. I think it’s the noise more than anything, since it’s an indoor pool, and there are tons of lessons and practices going on at the same time. But by the third week, you were really enjoying and even trying to put your face into the water.

And, yes, you are now officially crawling – everywhere. You love to go pull all the DVDs out of the cabinet. You love to crawl wherever will give you a way to pull up and stand up – the back door, the gate at the top of the stairs, the coffee table, the chair, couch …

I’m certainly not rushing you, but I am curious about how long it’s going to take you to start walking. It may be a little while, though, because you aren’t all that interested yet in moving from one piece of furniture to the other. But you do want anyone and everyone to help you walk around the room. And when you see someone, you reach out, only satisfied to grab a couple of fingers, pull yourself up and start walking. We’ll see where this goes.

Just this weekend, you started a new smile, and I must admit that it is so endearing - and so scary. You tuck your head, look up, and smile with your lips pursed in such a way that there is clearly something going on in your head that you don’t want to share. But you want us to know that you know. I just adore it.

But I think, right now, my favorite thing you give is a giant hug. Whenever we pick you up, you just lean in, tuck your head into our necks, and squeeze.

I guess that’s it for now. Can we take a little longer between this and the next letter, please? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

I love you,