Thursday, January 26, 2006

Unbridled anger resulting in tears

So I'm a girl. When frustrated, I cry.

This Agitator post caused spontaneous tears. After everything I just posted, I don't know why I went there. It always angers and frustrates me. I was asking for it.

This is what did it:

This isn't the first time this has happened in Virginia. A few years ago, the Virginia Beach police department sent a SWAT team to break up a suspected gambling operation at a country club. The sting ended with the death of a security guard, who by all indications thought the place was being robbed (it had been robbed just a few months earlier). The SWAT team knocked on the window to the car where he was stationed, then shot him when they thought he was reaching for a gun. His last words were, "I was reading a book. Why did you shoot me?"

Are any of you angry, yet?

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Anonymous said...

This is why the people of this country must stand ready to defend themselves and those they love, with violence if necessary, from thier very own government.