Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year ... OUCH

Well, New Year's Eve was fun. Today wasn't so much, though. There was supposed to be food at the bash, but I never saw it. I had a bowl of chicken soup at about 7 before leaving, and then got to the party and started drinking. And drinking. And dancing. Lots of dancing.

Boy, did I hurt today. One of the top five hangovers in my life. So that sucked. That's not so bad. The worst part is that I was that person last night. I fell on my ass. Then a little while later, I fell flat on my back. I'm lucky I didn't crack my head open, because I was close to the stairs. Seriously, I fell twice. How embarassing. Oh well. Nothing to do about it now.

Some pictures ...

The place was packed

And everyone was having tons of fun.

Brett, Bryan, and Russ

The Boys

Stace and I


galarza said...

what's fun is that we both skipped dinner in anticipation of the big buffet. i woke up in my dress sitting on the couch. earrings & all. i dont remember entering my house, the ride home, turning on tv...i just woke up and i was home.

Brett said...

Did I have sauce on my head or something?