Monday, January 23, 2006

Ah, immigration

I have to say I admittedly know very little about the immigration issue from an academic sense. And I can also tell you that, after this weekend, I have learned that I have very different views on it from my grandparents. I guess there's really no surprise there.

I simply go with my gut on this one, and I say up front that I back this with very little fact and have no way on knowing where to begin in implementing such a turnaround in policy. That being said, I do believe that making everyone who's here illegally now a legal resident of the US is a terrible idea. I do think, though, that it should be much more difficult to get here both legally and illegally. I think immigration to the US is fantastic. I think there should be more of it in a legal and documented way. I also think that along with that, we should make it virtually impossible to get here illegally, and if discovered, illegal immigrants should be sent home immediately, and legal immigrants that are convicted of a crime should also be deported.

I say all of this, just so I can link to a post by The Agitator. I might as well just make my blog one big link to his. Anyway, the net of his post is that immigration is showing to be good for the US - even if it taxes our infrastructure. Yeah yeah, bad pun. I'll stop now.

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galarza said...

ok, here we go...
you live here? speak english or make an effort to learn it. my g'parents came here and had to learn english. if its good enough for them, its good enough for the illegal people that v@ughn didn't catch on the border...

you want to stay here? get legal. how'd you get here? illegally? no, wrong answer, go back and try again. illegal immigrants take jobs from the legals, yes, they work for less, but its the principal. and the whole idea of giving illegal people medical coverage is insane. go on with your day. i've ranted.