Friday, May 20, 2005


Really listened to this song last night, for the first time, even though I’ve had the album for a few years. Maybe it caught my ear because Dave and I had been talking about kids earlier in the day. I really don’t know why. But it caught me nonetheless.

This is the first song I’ve heard that shows the love parents feel for their children, but isn’t sappy (Butterfly Kisses, for instance). I can’t even imagine, really, but this helps.

Angie Aparo
She's a child young and willing
In a world that's unforgiving
That in time takes all the living
From your soul

I stand in the night with a silver sword
Killing her demons beating em off her door
Sleep baby don't you cry
Daddy's got a worn-out lullaby

And i live forever dark and damned
To see you spend one minute
In wonderland

And then there’s "Gravity". The realization that this life is what you’ve got, so you better stop wasting time thinking something better is going to come along some day. It’s not, especially if you just sit and wait for it. Forget your pride.

I saw a wreck at a light
Two cars that gave up the fight
Nobody left to be saved
No steam left under the gauge

And in that carnival light
The show began to unwind
And i saw just how it goes
Out on that old two-lane road

I been saving time for another life
Maybe happiness is coming but you don't know when

The gravity
Of whether you were meant for me
Came crashing down with sovereignty
In someone else's tragedy

I saw the old man again
He only talks about when
There was so much to believe
Before the cancer to be
He can't remember the song
The words they all come out wrong
And all his records are cracked
He knows you can't get it back
It's only faded time

Maybe happiness is coming but you don't know when
The gravity
Of whether you were meant for me
Came crashing like a symphony
In someone else's used to be

And we carried our cross like a clover
And we smoked cigarettes and we lied
About the things we would feel when we're older
Oh god what a fine waste of time
And i miss you are you coming over

Two little other things about Angie Aparo, too. When Dave and I saw him at the Roxy in Atlanta, we sat next to his family. So I've seen the girl "Wonderland" was written for. Kinda cool.

He played Tasty World last night. Sorry I missed that, but he always plays there on Thursdays. Someday I'll suck it up and go to work sleep deprived on a Friday. It's worth it.

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Russell said...

Angie is awesome. One of the most captivating singers/performers of our time.