Monday, May 02, 2005


This is something I’ve been wondering about for years. I have a very difficult time finding sunglasses that fit, so I’ve always wondered, "When are they going to make contacts that are sunglasses?"

Well, “they” (Bausch & Lomb and Nike) have done it, and gone about 10 steps further!

Known as performance-enhancing contact lenses, they were designed to help
hitters pick up the seams on the ball better and to protect the eyes from the

"They're almost like wearing sunglasses without wearing sunglasses,"
Roberts says. "I could tell such a huge difference right away that I was willing
to give them a shot." Seven years in the making by Nike and Bausch & Lomb,
the lenses — which will be known in the retail world as MaxSight — are so new
they have made their way only into a few major league clubhouses so far.

The lenses also come in gray-green for golfers, and a set for night use
is in the final stages of development.

I’m totally going to see if I can get a pair of these on my next check-up.

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