Saturday, September 19, 2009

What may be the last update for a while

The baby's room is almost done - everything in except the changing table. Many people ask us if we have a theme. Clearly, these people don't know us very well. Dave and I aren't really theme people when it comes to decorating - unless that theme is "eclectic." See the pics.

And now we're at the "any day now" phase, officially. We went to the doctor's office on Thursday, and I'm very close, so our midwife told me that if I haven't gone into labor by this Thursday, that she'll admit me and we'll "get things started". She wants me closer to 39 weeks, but doesn't want me to miss my epidural window. So, this time next week, I'll be a mom. Wow.

We're doing our best to enjoy this weekend without plans and without having to think about much else beyond what we want to do next - oh and sleep - since it will be the last weekend where we can do either for quite some time.

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Russell said...

Your nursery looks great! Keep us posted as things develop.