Monday, August 24, 2009

What an Adventure

Wow, this week has been something to behold. I just don't have the energy to go through all the details, but here's the breakdown.

Garage - finished and wonderful.

The baby shower yesterday was wonderful. I can't believe how many people came in from out of town to help celebrate. And my friends' generosity (of time, love and yes, "stuff") leaves me speechless.

And the biggest event of all - three full days at Northside Hospital last week - due to a strange bout with pneumonia. Monday night after dinner, I began to feel very uncomfortable - achy and such - and then spiked a fever that reached 101.65. The fever broke in the middle of the night, but I still felt awful on Tuesday morning. Thanks to all the publicity about pregnant women and the swine flu, I was a bit nervous and called the doctor. They told me to go to Labor and Delivery. We walked in and were promptly given masks, and then I was treated to a whole host of pokes and prods (at least seven blood draws and an IV). Once various flu strains were ruled out, I was given a chest x-ray and told that I had pneumonia, regardless of there being no cough or congestion of any kind that week or weekend. I would be let go once my white blood count came down.

It did come down by Wednesday night, so I thought I would be going home Thursday, but then J. decided to get in on the act, and throughout Wednesday night/Thursday morning, every couple of hours when I'd have a contraction (something else I didn't realize I was having), his heart rate would drop. This happened three or four times throughout the night (resulting in my being connected not only to an IV and leg compression sleeves, but also a pulse oxymeter, oxygen mask, baby monitor, and contraction monitor - and therefore feeling completely tied down and bordering on a panic attack at midnight). So even though I seemed all mended, the doctors wanted me to stay one more night and make sure he didn't do that again. Thursday passed without incident, and Friday I was told to go home, rest, stay out of the heat and drink tons of water.

Although I do feel much better, I am amazed at how quickly I get tired. Yesterday's shower absolutely wore me out, even though I really just sat around, ate and opened gifts. I had to nap today, too. Thank goodness I had already taken the day off to see my friend safely to the airport. I'm a little nervous about tomorrow - my first day back at work in a week.


galarza said...

write something new.

do it before the baby comes out b/c i doubt you'll have time to blog afterwards and, well, i need my whitney blog updates....

Whitney said...

OK, I was thinking this. I just have to remember while I'm at home, because I can't blog from work. Not that I should be anyway, but still. And there are updates.