Saturday, August 01, 2009

House Project

In preparation for J's arrival, we're doing a bit of a construction project on the house - converting the enclosed garage back into a real garage. Here is the first day of major work.

I'm too ashamed to show many of the before pictures because the old garage and workroom had really become dumping grounds worthy of Clean Sweep or some other TV show. There are a few I'm OK with posting, though.


The "inside" section of the garage. Notice the garage windows on the right. From the front of the house, it still looks like a normal garage.

more on the "inside" section. that wall behind the shelves is coming down.

Virtually empty dumpster at the start of the project. You see, though, we're even throwing out the kitchen sink.

Left side facing the house - this is the "outside" part of the garage. This is the side that can be accessed by the actual garage door.

The doors are wood and more than 20 years old. It's definitely time they were replaced. Insulated steel this time around. Those pictures will come later - hopefully next weekend.

Right side door. This is the one that doesn't actually open and is dry-walled from the inside.

The inside of the outside access section.


Back wall of the "outside" section coming out.

Say "hi" to Dave.

Notice that they did actually frame a door in here, but they decided to drywall over it. So we've never had access to the inside of the house from the garage.

One wall out!

Second wall on its way down.

The inside looking out - a view we've never had.

Now we can see the other half of the garage.


Second wall gone!

We still need to demo the inside wall on the other side but won't do that until we're ready to install the new door.

Dumpster half-full after only one day!

We still have to go through a lot of the stuff and reorganize/throw away/give away, but we made a huge amount of progress today. Today was demolition day. Tomorrow is either reorganization or replacing one of the doors. We haven't really figured out which yet. And then next weekend is the last of the demolition and final door replacement.

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Dave said...

I love it! Nothing like a good demo project to get the blood pumping.