Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Traveling again

Well, we're headed out of town again, and again, to one of our favorite places. We really are so lucky to live the life we do.
This time, we're going to Tarpon Springs, FL. My mom and step dad are already there, and then we're bringing Dave's parents along, as well. Of course, the pup's going, too. There will be about a one-day overlap when we'll get to hang out.
I'm also very excited about our day of deep sea fishing on Monday, and hope to have lots of great pictures to share when we're back.

In other news, all of a sudden (well, not really, but it will seem so readers), I am on an exercise kick. In the new year, which - I promise - was a coincidence, I started taking an early morning spin class about twice a week. Having grown bored with that routine, I've taken a bit of a hiatus in favor of getting in shape to run at least 5K. When I'm comfortable with that distance, I'll get back into spin at least once a week along with some regular running. And, finally, I've also asked a former teammate about playing soccer again.

Things both personal and professional are starting to move along, and it feels great; the holding pattern was getting really old.

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