Monday, November 12, 2007

please pass on the word

I think that a particular resident of Athens, formerly of Nashville, may be interested in this show, of the southwest Texas/Nashville variety, on Thursday night. I am indescribably sad that I cannot attend due to a huge commitment on Friday for which I absolutely must be prepared (how formal of me). Of all the people I know, though, there is really only one that may like to see the show. Someone, please pass the word onto him in case he doesn't read this very often, which I suspect is the case.

Those of us who enjoy country music must look out for each other.


Oh, and this band is playing at Smith's Olde Bar tomorrow night. Another one I can't go see.

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Brett said...

I am just now seeing this... Poop. I would have gone. I saw him on my second night out in Nashville after moving up. I'll definitely see him again. Thanks for the tip, and sorry for not reading more consistently.