Friday, November 02, 2007


Wow, sometimes I get so antsy. Tonight is one of those times. I've been so deep in some stuff for the last year +, and I'm finally getting burned out. The timing works, though, because it'll all be over one way or the other in a couple weeks. Well, at least for a month or so.

But the burnout has made me antsy. I've been in the same place with work for seven years now, and Dave and I are finally close to having the house the way we want it - or as close to that as we can get it. And I've been focused on such mundane things for the last little while - things like studying, the house, debt, and work - with little or no exercise in the last six months, that I'm really feeling the need for something else. I don't know what. Just something.


Ah, and, noticing the debt mention earlier, said new, different, interesting and meaningful thing has to be cheap/free.


Oh, and I miss wearing hats. I used to wear hats. I should wear hats more often.

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The Captain said...

While I can't claim to be new,interesting, or meaningful...

I am cheap/free.

Hope that helps.