Wednesday, October 11, 2006


From Wall Street Journal online's Opinion Journal Best of the Web...

Life Imitates 'Team America'

Hans Blix: "I'm sorry, but the U.N. must be firm with you. Let me see your whole palace, or else." Kim Jong Il: "Or else what?" Blix: "Or else we will be very, very angry with you, and we will write you a letter, telling you how angry we are."--dialogue from "Team America: World Police" (2004)

"The world lined up against North Korea on Monday for staging a nuclear test denounced even by key allies. . . . There was no talk of military action. But the Security Council quickly condemned North Korea's decision to flout a U.N. appeal to cancel the test after the reclusive regime announced it had set off an underground atomic explosion."--Associated Press, Oct. 9, 2006


Dave said...

Ronery... so ronery... when will you post again to your brog?

Whitney said...

Sorry, Dave and I have been sick a while, and are now just getting over it. Just in time for our computer to act all f-ed up. And I can't post from work anymore. Hence the not posting lately. Anyway, I think I'll be able to post again, soon!

Oh, and glad to hear the zipcare thing went well!