Sunday, October 01, 2006

Today, what a day.

Started out with this race. Dave and I both entered. Surprise! Dave finished ahead of me. But there were fewer women in my age group, so I placed (in my age group, for women). Kind of funny; like being one of the few players in baseball to hit a homerun while John Smith was pitching in the rain on a Thursday in New York. It was a cool race, though, and we'll do it again next year if anyone wants to join.

Then, the studying commenced, for about 5 hours. I have a midterm tomorrow for a class I've been taking, and I'm terrified. I haven't had to study like this in ages. It's weird trying to get my brain to work this way again. I'll know tomorrow about 7pm if this is shaping up to be the new direction for me. I've been keeping it pretty low-key, but tomorrow will be a turning point. It's when I'll need to make the go/no-go decision to commit to the rest of the classes for the next year, and look at making a major career change away from a company and a job that I really enjoy - in favor of one that has greater potential and of course greater risk.

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Anonymous said...

The bathroom looks great. Good job. I'll give to all of you my highest praise, "I couldn't have done better myself."

To Stacy G: Hagermans seldom discard anything, especially if it ain't broke.