Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Yes, indeedy

I'm 30 today. Honestly, as a young adult, I never thought I'd make it this far. Since I couldn't picture my life at 30, I assumed that meant I wouldn't make it. I have. And it's a wonderful life. So today is a day for celebration. I think that tonight I will watch Elvis movies, after BBQ with Dave, since most of the celebrating happened this weekend.

Thank you, Funkle Ester, for the recognition at Wild Wing. I got to play tamborine on stage, in front of family, friends, and strangers!

Now, it's off to meetings until 2:30. Yippee.


Russell said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Whitney said...


Dave said...

Happy Birthday, belated!

Hadn't read your blog in a while, sorry. Didn't realize - you and Serena share the same birthday!

(Did I know that and have forgotten it already? I hope not........)