Thursday, August 11, 2005

So bad

I've been so terrible about posting. I even had a great idea the other day that must not have been so great, because now I can't remember it. Oh well.

Anyway, thought I'd cheat and put some fun lyrics or something in here. Honestly, though, I just want to get home and relax (or move furniture, hang pictures on our newly painted den wall, and clean for Dave's friend's arrival into Atlanta this weekend).

So sorry to be a tease, but I'm headed home now.

Will try to post more later, but I will leave you with a well-reasoned post from The Agitator. Once they've nailed cigarettes, you know they're going after alcohol, right? It doesn't matter that it didn't work before. Just like communism, I guess prohibition just wasn't done right the first time.

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