Thursday, September 16, 2010

Time and Timing

Coming up on J's first birthday, this post shows up in my feed from James Lileks' Bleat. His daughter is 10, I think.

It didn’t occur to me until a few minutes ago that the top of the dresser was where her changing area had been, where she’d laid on her back laughing as an infant while I did what you had to do, made the requisite faces of funny horror – stinky! – then stuffed the offal down the diaper genie, and picked her up and gone on with our day. She’ll be a senior in high school sitting at a desk in that spot and I’ll still remember that like it was yesterday. Time is linear, but so is a piece of string – take two points far apart, put your fingertips together. It was yesterday. Makes you envy dogs, sometimes; everything is now and next. There is no then.

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