Friday, September 17, 2010

New Trick

Anytime I think about posting a status on Facebook, I'll just come here instead because I can add more context to it - and frankly, I don't think I really want to share most of my thoughts with all my FB "friends".

So ...

I got an awesome new toy for my birthday - a Nook - but I haven't started using it yet. That's because I started the Lord of the Rings trilogy earlier this summer in real book form, and I have this weird need to complete that before starting anything else. (I can't read five books at once like Dave does.)

You see, I started LoTR once before in college, and couldn't get through it - holy crap with all the WALKING! So, I think I'm afraid that if I start something else, I'll get out of the mode and won't go back. I have no idea why I feel the need to read it, especially considering I find it good not great, but I do. Especially now that I've finally started the last book.

(That post as an FB status would have been, "... can't wait to start using the Nook, but must finish LoTR first." I'm sure this post was so much more interesting.)

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