Monday, September 24, 2007

My most recent addiction

Is the new Lyle Lovett CD, and this is the video of the first single.

This isn't even my favorite song on the album. It's probably my second or third favorite. Number one is "Don't Cry a Tear." Apparently the first time this song was played live was at Hunter S. Thompson's funeral, immediately after his ashes were shot out of a cannon. That story belies the song's melancholy, though.

Shout if you can speak
Sing if you mention my name
Don't cry a tear for me

For a fun, jazzy number that, honestly, sounds a bit like a gameshow theme, there is "Tickle Toe".

Dave's favorite, is "I Will Rise Up/Ain't No More Cane", where he took a traditional work song and added new lyrics.

Lyle is not only one of the best songwriters alive today, but truly one of the greatest. Ever.

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