Thursday, April 26, 2007

Stuff and M*Space

Well, what's been going on. I'm still decompressing after passing my tax final on Monday night. I barely made it, but in a pass-fail class, barely is still good.

Work this week has been crazy. "What's new?" you may ask. Well, the big migration project is three weeks away, and finally all of our partners have started testing the new system. That means lots of work for Whitney that's outside of her normal job description. Luckily my boss gets it, and is giving me a bit of a pass on the regular work that is part of my job description. Not all of it, but some. Again, I will say that if it wasn't for my incredible understanding boss, I don't know how'd I'd be hanging on.

Tonight I'm making a Lyle Favorites CD for my mom and coworker who need to have some Lyle prep before the show on June 15. Did I mention we have a TABLE at Chastain for the show? I'm not even sure what to do with that information right now. I'm so so so excited. And K.D. Lang is opening. She's one of those singers (like Annie Lennox and the lead singer of Keane) whose voice is done no justice by current recording media. My parents and I went to see K.D. Lang in the late 80s at Center Stage (now Earthlink Live), and I still remember how amazing her voice was. I can't wait to hear her again.

Let's see, what else? Oh, thinking about adding a bit more to the M* Space profile. Right now, there's nothing - only an account so that I can look for other people. Can anyone give me a good reason why I should add to it?

So next week the retirement planning class begins. And work gets crazier. And the Lyle show gets one week closer.
And with that, I'll leave you a Lyle lyric (Alone at Sea's favorite) from the Favorites mix and a random picture ...

I walked on through the door and she just smiled
In a long pony tail and a pretty white dress
She said ,"Hi, bull riders do it best"
I said "Oh my God, what's your name
My name's Lyle"

Apalachicola, FL - 2004

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