Friday, February 03, 2006

Pure Poppy Goodness

VH1 Classic has quickly become my favorite channel, since getting digital cable. As a matter of fact, I have the DVR set up to record Pop Show every time it comes on, and I watch these episodes in the morning while I'm having breakfast and getting ready. And whenever there's nothing on TV, I go to the DVR for relief. And there are my five or six episodes of Pop Show (and Edge of Country from GAC). Oh, and just let me mention that next week on CMT, Lyle and Bonnie Raitt will be playing on CrossRoads. I haven't seen an episode this season, but I know Radney Foster used to do the interviews. I don't know what I'm going to do if Radney and Lyle are on the screen together. I can't wait. But that is SOOO off topic.

I started this post because of the pure poppy goodness that was the January 28th episode of Pop Show. Almost pop perfection in its ability to take me back to so many great times. These are the videos in order of appearance:

"One More Night" Phil Collins, 1985
When I was in the forth and fifth grades, I thought this was one of the saddest songs I'd ever heard. I mean, I was 9, and I knew it was depressing. I was right. It still is. Actually, looking through his singles list on Billboard, I'm realizing that Mr. Collins sung a lot of damn depressing songs.

"Tell It To My Heart" Taylor Dayne, 1987
You have to be kidding me! This song? Look at that hair. The extensions don't even match the rest, and the bangs are crimped - CRIMPED. Did anyone wax their eyebrows in the 80's? She's in a black dress with what looks like a plastic chastity belt of some sort. But I can't help but be taken back to 1988 and want to dance at some horrible middle school dance in the cafeteria. Yep, that's right, not the gym, but the Cafeteria.

"La Isla Bonita" Madonna, 1987
It's never going to stop. They're dragging me through my childhood here with infinitely danceable tunes. True Blue was one of my first albums. I still have it.

"She Don't Use Jelly" Flaming Lips, 1995
Whoa, slow down here! You just hit the skip button and jumped right into college. Seriously, we just went from early Madonna to The Flaming Lips? This is great. I haven't fast forwarded through a song yet.

"Ironic" Alanis Morissette, 1996
Yeah, yeah, we all know it isn't ironic, after all, but I still can't bring myself to fast forward through this one, either. All four years at Georgia were so incredible, and this is one of those songs that takes me right back there in two seconds. I'm walking back to Myers from Park Hall, weaving my way through bus stop traffic in front of Tate with the headphones in and whatever mix tape turned up so loud that there is nothing else but the music, the sidewalk, and hundreds of feet in my periphery.

"End of the Road" Boyz II Men, 1992
Alright, slight rewind here, to the end of high school. Yeah, this is a break-up song, but we all know that songs relate to where we are in our lives. We were at the end of high school. I think this was actually Spring 1992 (is that right, Stacy?), and this was a senior song everywhere (we were juniors). I don't know that our senior class used it as theirs, but I do know it was in the yearbook slide show for the Seniors section. I think there were even some pictures of couples that had broken up. Or something like that. I may be making that up. It was in the slide show, though. That was a great slide show. Anyway, some of our friends were leaving for college, and we were about to be seniors. What a great time. That summer between junior and senior years is one of the best times of my life.

"I Wish I Was Your Lover" Sophie B. Hawkins, 1992
Wow, right about the same time. Again with the bushy eyebrows. You know, she's not an unattractive woman, but she's all butched up for this video. Of course, they were the days of flannel. This was a scream-along-with-the-radio-in-the-car song. Should I be ashamed of that?

Halfway through, and still haven't fastforwarded yet. This is the longest streak yet.

"I Can't Go For That (No Can Do)" Hall & Oates, 1981
We're way back on this one. I'm in Dad's station wagon (olive green with wood paneling). I think it was a Plymouth Volare. And we're driving at night in the rain. "I Love a Rainy Night" by Eddie Rabbitt puts me in the same place.

"You Make Me Feel Like Dancing" Leo Sayer, 1976
Yup, there had to be one that made me fastforward. This is it. That horrible falsetto and white man's afro. Good grief.

"Don't Leave Me This Way" Thelma Houston, 1976
Yeah, yeah, it was released in the disco days, and I don't remember it from my childhood, but well, it's all about Funkle Ester here. If I wasn't typing, I'd be dancing. I absolutely can't help but dance to this song. I was once in NY and had to wake up at 5:30 AM. This was the song on the radio when the alarm came on, and I had no problem waking up that day. Where's my shaker?! Damnit, Funkle Ester better play soon.

"Kiss" Prince and The Revolution, 1986
He's such a tiny little person. What are those heels, 4 inches? And his waste, 24? But just damn. Great song, great delivery. He's just fantastic.

"Young Turks" Rod Stewart, 1981
Video replete with terrible 80's choreography trying desperately for a West Side Story vibe. "But there ain't no point in talkin' when there ain't nobody listnin'" Wow, 1981 really does sum it up nicely.

"Cruel to Be Kind" Nick Lowe, 1979
This was somewhat alternative for my parents' taste when I was a kid, so I didn't discover this song until much later. Probably after college, actually. But it's just a great song, and Nick Lowe has aged really really well. Also, this actually had a narrative video. In 1979, where did these air?

Oh, we're at the end. That was the best hours of music videos I've seen in ages. Thank you VH1 Classic.

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wow. are you in training for any kind of world series of pop culture trivia? if not, you should be.