Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Herman Cain

I voted for Mr. Cain in a primary for either the Senate or House in the last election. He didn’t win, but I’m proud to say that I voted for him. He sometimes subs for Neal Boortz, and it’s always a joy to listen to him. He subbed last Friday, and I wanted to blog then, but just haven’t had a chance. Anyway, check out his site if you have a chance. We need more people in this country like him.

Some excerpts:
They Think You’re Stupid
A wakeup call... Work on the right problems to achieve the right results for issues that are vital to America's future. Both political parties are failing the citizens of this country. There is a solution. We must innovate and not just renovate in order to sustain the ideals of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

In addition, the dynamics of wealth building and individual achievement have changed dramatically in just the last 20 years. Upward mobility from generation to generation is the norm. Today's white collar workers and small business owners are the sons and daughters of yesterday's blue collar union members. Women now make up a significant percentage of the workplace. Racial minorities are more upwardly mobile and represented in every aspect of society. Over half of the U.S. workforce owns financial investments such as stocks and bonds. More young people have college educations and advanced degrees than ever before. The marketplace for goods and services, ideas and innovations is global in scale. Perhaps most important, history has shown us the inefficiencies of centralized government programs and command economies. Yet, due to political pressures and a lack of leadership in most corners of state and federal government, we continue to place band-aids on an infrastructure that requires major reconstructive surgery.

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