Friday, November 18, 2005

Oh, the irony.

Or is it ironic? I don't know anymore.

Reading one of my daily work newsletters, I came across this tidbit...
Blogging: About one in four workers average 3.5 hours a week reading online blogs that are not work-related, according to analysis by Advertising Age. All told, U.S. employees this year will waste "the equivalent of 551,000 years reading blogs" that have nothing to do with their jobs. Also, a white paper on blogs by public relations firm Edelman and Intelliseek reveals that "nearly 70 percent of companies have no policies or guidelines" for employee bloggers, raising liability questions. And while employee blogs have "helped enhance the reputation" of companies like Microsoft and Sun Microsystems, they also have "hurt reputations in the case of several high-profile firings" at Google Inc., Delta Air Lines, Waterstone's and Friendster, according to the Edelman-Intelliseek research. Even so, IBM is giving employees "blogging tools" and views blogs as a way to forge new relationships with business partners, as well as market new products.

So, naturally, I decided to blog about it.

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