Friday, October 28, 2005

Gratuitous post for Stacy

Trying to wrap things up at work, and we just had a wine tasting. As Stacy knows, I work much better after a drink, or two. Do you think that's a problem?

Anyway, must get back to tying up loose ends before the awesome trip for which we must be at the airport at 6:30am tomorrow morning, and I haven't packed a thing.

Listening to Duran Duran right now. Yay! (See, Stay, I told you it was for you)

Also, had a great time at a screening for Motor Home Massacre last night. So campy, and fun. If you get the chance to see it with a group of people, then it's totally worth it. If you're by yourself, or with someone with no sense of humor, you'll be miserable. Luckily, we were in a group, and with fun people last night.

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