Monday, October 24, 2005

Big Trip Coming Up

So, I said I wouldn't believe it until I was on the ground in Sydney, but I'm comfortable enough to say that Dave and I are headed to Australia and New Zealand next week. I think that apprehensive is the word I will use to describe my state of mind regarding this trip. I'm excited, but nervous about how my body will react to four cities in seven days, keeping in mind that Australia is roughly the size of the US. Our itinerary:

Saturday 8:30am leave Atlanta for LA
1pm leave LA for Sydney, arrive 9:35pm Sunday - local time
Monday and Tuesday in Sydney
Tuesday 5:30pm leave Sydney for Melbourne, arrive 7pm
Wednesday in Melbourne
Wednesday 6:05pm leave Melbourne for Brisbane, arrive 7:10pm
Thursday in Brisbane
Thursday 3:10pm leave Brisbane for Auckland, New Zealand, arrive 11:45pm
Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in Auckland
Sunday 7:40pm leave Auckland for LA, arrive 10:30 am (the same day!)
1:50pm leave LA for Atlanta, arrive 9pm Sunday (still the same day)

So, maybe you see the apprehension. (Adding to this Dave's business trip this Wednesday and Thursday). I've never traveled so far, but I've also never traveled so much in such a short time-period. And I'll be working most of the time. But I still think it will be lots of fun, and I'm so excited that Dave gets to go along, too. Here's to kayaking the New Zealand coast on Saturday, November 5.


galarza said...

when i was in italy i lost all track of time & space. on my 16th day, i woke up in rome and had no idea where i was, what day it was, and didnt realize i was in italy. you will come back a little screwy but it'll be fun. take pictures...

Russell said...

Travel safe

QueenFrog said...

Haven't you seen "LOST"?? Whatever you do don't do anything with the numbers 4 8 15 16 23 42!!! (This is Tara BTW.) I share your love of Arrested Development! Bluths Rule!

galarza said...

i KNEW queenfrog was tara!! jen & i have been trying to figure that out for sooo long!

Whitney said...

I just started watching LOST this season, and YES, I have to admit that I was totally freaked out when I found out where they were leaving and where they were headed when their plane crashed.

I'm so glad there's another AD fan! Maybe we can keep it on the air.

And thanks for the well wishes, Russ. I will do my best.

QueenFrog said...

I'm sorry. I thought you knew my REAL identity. I wasn't trying to keep it a secret.

AD will prevail!! Everyone I know, practially, watches it. I don't understand how it could be doing badly.

Gunner said...

g'day and kia ora.