Monday, September 19, 2005

The Other Show

My other show started tonight. Great, bizarre humor, as usual.
George Sr. is a Blue-Man
GOB has a son
Kitty is off her post-pardum meds after 32 years

Favorite line so far...

When asked why she has stopped taking drugs for post-pardum depression 32 years after her youngest son was born, Lucille answers,
"Mood altering drugs lead to street drugs, according to a handsome doctor on the Today Show."
Michael, "Mom, that was Tom Cruise."
Lucille, "Oh, they said he was some kind of scientist."

I'm Oscar is the website Oscar started in prison to convince people that he's not his twin brother George. Anyone recongnize that inmate number?

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galarza said...

what?!?! did 'arrested development' start already!? im soooo behind in my tv...