Friday, April 29, 2005


So, it’s the end of April. Seriously, the end. The first quarter is long past, and we’re headlong into the second. Damn. Just damn. What happens?

Sorry that I’ve been missing for a while. This has just been a couple of those weeks. I thought I’d be able to use this week to catch up from the trip, but I was so so wrong. Wednesday and Thursday were training days here. I wasn’t only on the trainee side, but also the trainer side. I had the joy of three presentations. Two, really, just one of them presented twice.

Got to present the state of my territory (the WORLDbwahahaha), which was nice, since I finished out January through April at 104% of my quota. And I fully intend to finish the year over quota, as well. It feels good to be able to say that. Finishing that way also feels good because Dave and I got to attend a company-paid evening out with 18 other company folks at Killer Creek. Yum.

On the other hand, being both trainee and trainer this week entailed a lot of long days. Tuesday was 12+ hours, capped off with Dave calling me and telling me that I really must come home - 8pm is no time to be at work. (I don't know how the other Dave does it) I’ve been good in the past at being efficient enough to complete my job without working extra. The last couple weeks have been exceptions. So, you see why no posts lately.

The other problem with that is I haven’t had time to even look up and see what’s going on around us, and bring up any interesting conversation for the blog. I apologize.

This weekend should be fantastic, though. Twilight Criterium in Athens. Funkle Ester Friday, Modern Skirts Saturday. Lots of merriment during and in between. Awesome. I haven’t seen a full Skirts show in ages. This will be a great time.

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galarza said...

i know what a busy week is like. i mean, all of a sudden, its may. that's a little scary. wsn't new year's like 2 wks ago?