Wednesday, January 04, 2012


Touching obituary for Siobhan Reynolds, champion of pain patients and fighter of asinine drug policy, in a mainstream publication, no less.
Why, she asked, when opioids can help treat chronic pain, are they frequently only available to the dying—but not if your agony will last years?  Why, when addiction to opioids is actually rare, do we treat them as though everyone who takes these drugs is likely to get instantly hooked?  And why do we seem to see addiction—even in the dying— as a worse side effect than agony or even death?
There should be more coverage of the travesty of thedrug war and its affects on people who need drugs. Denying people something they want is more important to our government than taking care of those who need it.

Another great one from Rules for My Unborn Son: 
529. The best way to ruin an apology is with an explanation.

Love The Sartorialist, and love this look.

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