Monday, April 26, 2010

7 Months

Dear J,

Well, you’re seven months old now, and I can’t believe it. I mean, we’re closer to your first birthday than your actual birth day. How exactly did that happen?

We’re trying desperately to enjoy every moment with you, and I think we’re succeeding. But the days still manage to fly by. I’ve started a new schedule with work this last week, which means on Mondays I get to pick you up from daycare and on Fridays we get to hang out when I’m done at 1:30. It’s such a wonderful addition to my week. Your dad and I have realized these last couple of months how much we can’t stand Mondays because we’ve spent all weekend with you and then we have to go back to only getting you for a couple hours a day.

You’re doing wonderful new things since your last birthday. Sitting up on your own is fantastic because it opens up the world of toys for you. Bath time is a new adventure, too; you splash around like a madman.

You’re trying so hard to crawl, pushing yourself up onto all fours. But you can’t quite get your head up, and you definitely don’t have the ability to move your arms and legs in conjunction with each other. But I have realized that you do things in an interesting way. Instead of consistent development and growth, you tend to spike and plateau. So, with sitting, you were wobbly forever, and then one day you just sat all on your own. I have a feeling that’s how you’ll be with crawling and walking too.

Speaking of walking, I’m wondering if you won’t do that and skip crawling altogether. You can already stand up and hold onto things like the coffee table. And you can pick up your feet and move along with one of us holding your hands. It seems to be an easier motion for you than crawling, so we’ll see. You also definitely prefer standing to sitting. But, hey, don’t think I’m rushing you into this mobility thing. Please take your time with that, because mommy and daddy definitely aren’t ready for that yet.

And finally, you’re really chatty now. It started out briefly as bababababababa, then lalalalala. But now, there’s even a bit of dada (and once when daddy walked into the room), but also lots of weird (and loud) noises that aren’t just repetitive. And you enunciate and emphasize “syllables” – not that we understand a word your saying, but you certainly seem to. And you love talking to the girl’s portrait we have hanging next to the couch.

Just wait until next week, when you get to go to the beach for a real vacation


P.S. I almost forgot to mention that your top two teeth broke through today. We can't see them without looking, but I did get a good look this afternoon. I know it's time, but I still can't believe it. You're going to look so different, and even more like a little man once those teeth come in.

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