Thursday, February 12, 2009

Love it Live

There isn't much better in this world that a great live concert. Tonight, Dave and I went to see one of my favorite bands - Reckless Kelly - at the Variety Playhouse. RK is a Texas roadhouse kind of band - equal parts rock and country, along with incredible songwriting.

The show was wonderful, and made me completely forget for two hours that I am sick and exhausted. Dave and I were right up front, in between the lead guitarist and mandolin/violin player.

Set List (if any of you care to look them up or listen):
Ragged as the Road
A Guy Like Me
Seven Nights in Eire
Wild Western Windblown Band
Wicked Twisted Road
Vincent Black Lightning
Stick Around
How was California?
Love in Her Eyes
Wiggles and Ritalin
Nobody's Girl
Hay Say May (Drinking Again)
Baby's Gone Blues
Wandering Eye
American Blood
Cool Rockin' Loretta

Encore: Revolution, Crazy Eddie's Last Hurrah

I sang along the whole time, and Dave Abeyta, the guitarist, basically played right over my head for at least 1/4 of the show. At one point, Dave and Willy (the lead singer) both leaned over and played right at me. I almost fainted.

During Crazy Eddie, Dave leaned over, looked at me, and pointed to his guitar. He wanted me to play! I strummed a little, and then he tried to hand me the pick, but I dropped it. I strummed some more, and after that he went on to finish the song. It was soooooo awesome. My Dave, of course, found the pick later.

When they finished, I pointed to the set list, and he nodded. After they left, a roadie came out and gave it to me. So, now it's autographed by the whole band.

What a night! Some friends of ours are going to the show in Raleigh on Saturday, and I'm so jealous.

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