Sunday, January 04, 2009

Goodbye Versatile Video

After 28 years of business, Versatile Video is closing its doors. The owner, Chuck, is retiring. It was a wonderful place to patronize and to work.

Versatile Video was my second "real" job. I started there when I was 16 years old, and worked through high school and even on Christmas, spring break, and summers until I was out of college. It was a fantastic job. An independent video store, we had an amazing array of regular customers. Mr. Jenson comes to mind, mainly. He'd stop by to rent about five movies for the weekend after he'd gotten his peanut butter and 10 loaves of bread to feed the raccoons and possums in his backyard.

VV employees were responsible for my first hangover - because of which I had to call in sick to work. Is that irony?


galarza said...

first of all, did it close already?

and second, im going to post pics of your first hangover... yes, i have photographical evidence of hangover in process.. :)

Whitney said...

I don't think it did. Chuck said he got a little extra time from the landlord.