Monday, November 24, 2008


Yep, we went to see it this weekend, but we waited until Sunday. While I didn't really want to wait, we did because Dave was out of town until late Saturday night. Turns out this was a good thing. If the conversation and giggling (and cussing) during Sunday's matinee were any indication, Friday would have been an absolutely miserable experience. As it was, I was cracking up half the time, listening to the little girls behind us.

I really enjoyed the movie, but it was impossible to watch it "objectively" - as if I'd never read the book. I was constantly thinking about where it was going and how it may be different, so I'll be curious to see if I watch it differently next time, now that I know what changes they made from the book to the movie.

The cool part is that there were a few things that would likely have been missed, or at least not as fully understood, by those who haven't read the books. And I can see why people who haven't read the books wouldn't necessarily enjoy the movie on its own.

I'm really excited for the sequels, though, because I'm sure they've learned a lot from this one and will do even better next time.

Also, the Harry Potter trailer was awesome.


galarza said... book first or see movie first?

Whitney said...

book first. i think you'll enjoy both more if you read the book first.