Saturday, January 12, 2008

Morning movie watching and sexy ugly

So, the wonders of the DVR are not just limited to catching shows you wouldn't normally be able to watch. Another wonderful benefit is recording movies that you've been meaning to watch for ages, but never get around to renting. Today is just such a day to catch up on a few of the movies I have waiting for me on the DVR. From oldest recording to newest, I have: Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio; The Battle of Shaker Heights; Far from Heaven; Chicken Run; Strictly Ballroom; Tadpole; Jesus Camp; and Kissing Jessica Stein.

Today feels like a girly movie day, so while I'm folding laundry and moving 250GB of pictures and music from one hard drive to another, I've chosen Kissing Jessica Stein.

So many people have told me I'd like this movie, and from the very beginning, I could tell they were right. However, the scene I'm watching now has won this movie a special place in my heart. Jessica is sort of on a date with another woman, but not really a date. They're both disillusioned with men, and giving women a shot, even though they're both clearly nervous about it. Anyway, Jessica is talking about why men never seem to work out, and it comes down to the fact that if they are the "good kind of smart or the good kind of funny, then generally, they're just kind of ... ugly." (The whole break down of the different kinds of funny is fantastic, but I won't get into that.)

Anyway, Jessica's "date", Helen, jumps in with, "Me, I'm kinda into ugly. As long as it's sexy ugly."

Oh, those of you who know me, know exactly where my mind goes here. I thought she may go there, too. But I certainly wasn't expecting it. Ah, then, yes she does.

"It just is, you know, sexy ugly ... Mick Jagger, he's the big one. Oh! Lyle Lovett, James Woods, Harvey Keitel. He's very sexy ugly."

Let me just add Dwight Yoakam to that list, too.

The thing about sexy ugly, though, is that it seems to be the good kind of smart and the good kind of funny that makes ugly sexy.

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