Monday, August 06, 2007

We probably just need to rid the planet of humans, then

Here's an interesting article on climate change myths. I was surprised by almost all of these. They're similar to the argued theory that recycling is actually worse for the environment because of the amount of energy it requires.

And it's not from some right-wing "nutter," as they say over here, it's someone who completely buys into this whole thing.

Here's the one I found most interesting:
"Trees, regarded as shields against global warming because they absorb carbon, were found by German scientists to be major producers of methane, a much more harmful greenhouse gas."

Hat Tip: Boortz, of all places. I think he probably posted it because it's contrarian, but it doesn't seem to go along with his usual climate change vitriol.

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SwelteringInATL said...

Interesting article. The folks at reddit have some interesting, and long, discussions on it.