Sunday, July 29, 2007


I'd love to be able to post more than I will here, but it would take hours. I already have 325 pictures! Of course, since I'm working during the week, it's not likely I'll get many pictures for the next few days.

It's been fun so far, but there's no question I already miss home. I got a very strange feeling today when my colleague headed out, and I was all-of-a-sudden on my own. We had gone to Windsor this morning and I loved it, so I dropped him at the train station, and went back for more than four hours. I was very anxious, though, and I think it was because I was now here alone. There are pictures, but I'll start in order.

Oh, and my boss comes into town tomorrow for the rest of the week, so that will be good. Strange, but good. I'm not used to working with him in the same office.

Pictures ...

Our office building

Abandoned 3M building in lovely Bracknell

Clever pub name (out of focus; taken from car)

London Eye

"Look kids! Parlaiment. Big Ben."

Monkey says hi from Big Ben

Leaving Canary Wharf station

Camden (the place Little Five Points fantasizes about)

Locks on the Thames in Camden; check out all the people on the bridge ahead and the overlook to the left. The place is unbelievable.

First time watching an English Premier League team play. Arsenal vs. Paris St. Germaine.

Check out these seats! Unbelievable.

Windsor town

Windsor Castle

More of the town.

There are so many American things, here, but I think seeing this on someone's truck has been my favorite, so far.

More castle

For Beer Pong

The apartment. There's another bedroom and bathroom, too.

Sorry about the crappy placement on the captions, but I still haven't figured out how to make it work.


Russell said...

Thank you for my picture. Travel safe.

Anonymous said...

Great pictures! Your colleague had a funny feeling when he left as well - Berkshire was just getting to be really fun.

Whitney said...

glad to "see" you, anonymous. home all safe and sound?