Thursday, January 25, 2007


for the hubby to finish a conversation about computers and memory so that we can watch the Illusionist. I haven't heard great things about it, but I like Edward Norton and Paul Giamatti (is that how you spell it? I don't have time for IMDB right now), and he likes Jessica Beal (again, spelling?), so there you go.

Things have been nuts. Work's crazy - 30 hours of phone calls and meetings so far this week.

I'm having to study my ass off for this investments class, and the midterm is on Monday while I'm in New Orleans. Which is great because I'll get an extra day to study.

The house is clean, and pretty much has been for a month now. I think that's a record. It's not spotless by any means, but I also wouldn't be ashamed for anyone to come over unannounced, which is saying a lot.

As for the mission, vision, and values that I mentioned a while back, I did create them - sad, I know, but it has helped me stay more focused lately. And I'll post them soon. I also need to post more pictures from Belize, and probably some from New Years. I think I'll update to the new blogger first. Is it easier and less time-consuming to load pictures on the new version?


galarza said...

rent 'duets'. paul giamatti, gwyneth, and of course huey lewis.

Whitney said...

oh, i love huey lewis

Dave said...

Blogger beta is satan's spawn... stick with your old version.

Whitney said...

thanks for letting me know. i was thinking of switching over. I won't until they force me to, I guess.

galarza said...

no, no switch over!! i'm still on old blog and until the thing crashes on me for good; i wont switch