Friday, July 07, 2006

Ah, the weekend

So this weekend will be pretty interesting, and hopefully we'll get some stuff done. Dave's out of town until late tomorrow night, so tonight and tomorrow, I'll be watching movies that I'd never watch with Dave. These movies include, but may not be limited to: Little Fish, The Castle, and In Her Shoes. What I will not be seeing is Pirates, since I've promised, of course, to wait and watch it with my dear husband (hopefully Sunday night).

I will also be going to the gym tonight for a swim, then a lovely dinner of leftover spaghetti. Yum!

Tomorrow will be cleaning the house, among other chores and duties. Then to see Fishtank with Stacy before heading off to the airport.

Sunday should be fantastic because Dave's dad is coming over to put up the incredible swing he made us as a birthday gift. And if that doesn't take too long, he may also help us fix our downstairs shower that hasn't worked since we bought the house.

I know it sounds pitiful, but I'm really excited about this weekend. Maybe I'll have pictures of the swing and fabulous bathroom soon.

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