Monday, July 11, 2005

Ben Stein

Y'all know Ben Stein. That odd fellow we all first got to know when he repeated the name "Beuller" several times to his high school class in that classic deadpan.

Then he was a gameshow host and a pitchman. And we found out he was also an economist.

Well, he's also a great columnist. I'm sad that I didn't know this column existing until its end. But Ben Stein's last column for E!Online is wonderful.

Check it out here.


galarza said...

it took me about a week to get to the article, but i finally read it! its totally true; im starting to care less & less about ben & jen & brad & jen & tomkat & the paris' & find myself reading more articles about real people. people who dont walk the red carpet.

Gunner said...

I believe he was also a speech writer for Nixon.